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    3 Benefits Of Nerite Snails For Aquariums

    What are the benefits of nerite snails for aquariums?

    1. Consumes algae
    2. They are peaceful creatures
    3. They are relatively easy to care for

    If you pursue aquascaping, you might want to know more about the benefits of Nerite snails for aquariums. From choosing the right substrate, taking care of plants, hardscaping, to adding filters, nutrients, and lights — a lot goes into maintaining a tank. As stunning as aquariums may be, they can be challenging to care for. This is where keeping Nerite snails proves to be advantageous.

    Nerite snails are one of the most sought classifications of snails in aquariums that can live up to two years. Known for its distinct black and gold striped patterns, this ½ to one-inch creature possesses an elegant beauty that can instantly make any tank set-up look more aesthetically pleasing. However, there is much more to Nerite snails than just the looks. Continue reading to learn more about these.

    Consumes Algae

    Consumes Algae

    A common question that crosses the minds of aquascape hobbyists is “How do I keep my aquarium algae-free?”. Algae is a non-flowering aquatic plant. Like plants, it does contain chlorophyll but lacks true roots, stems, and leaves. These organisms thrive in environments that have carbon dioxide, sunlight, nutrients, and enough water.

    You may already know that algae help in minimizing nitrogen levels in tanks. However, the cons outweigh the pros. Excessive algae in tanks will block photosynthesis and harm livestock. Algae can also become quite unsightly because it results in green mold-like water.

    Algae is a fast-growing plant and can double its size in just 24 hours. Fortunately, adding Nerite snails to your tank can help control its growth. Nerite snails are known for consuming algae non-stop off glass, plants, and aquarium decorations. They eat hair algae, soft film algae, soft green algae, soft brown algae, and brown diatoms.

    If you are buying Nerite snails for algae control, the general rule is one snail per five to ten gallons of water. With these critters, you can easily keep your tank free from acquiring an unattractive appearance and avoid harming livestock.

    They Are Peaceful Creatures

    They Are Peaceful Creatures

    When it comes to owning an aquarium, it would only be natural to want an environment that cultivates all kinds of plants and livestock. You might stray away from aggressive fishes and in the same way, avoid plants that tend to overshadow the growth of other plant varieties.

    Aside from their beneficial characteristic of consuming algae, you would be glad to know that Nerite snails are peaceful creatures. They are so tranquil that they can be seen as prey for aggressive livestock. For this reason, they should co-exist with a peaceful community as well. You can try placing it in the aquarium with Trumpet snails, Ramshorn snails, Amano shrimps, Cory catfish, and Pearl Gourami.

    Simply put, Nerite snails can become good tank mates with non-aggressive livestock. Just remember not to overstock the aquarium because you will have a hard time feeding the creatures and they will find it hard to move freely.

    They Are Relatively Easy To Care For

    They Are Relatively Easy To Care For

    Another benefit of keeping Nerite snails is that they are relatively easy to care for. This is a good consideration for beginners in aquascaping, those who prefer low-maintenance aquariums, or maybe those who manage numerous aquatic plants with high difficulty.

    Unlike other creatures such as the Otocinclus Catfish that needs about a 20-gallon tank, one Nerite snail will only need five gallons of water. Nerite snails will also constantly eat algae, which means you don’t have to closely monitor their feeding schedule. Their herbivore diet can be supplemented with algae wafers or blanched vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, spinach, and the like.

    As for the tank conditions, Nerite snails will thrive well in freshwater environments with a temperature range of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Nerites will also prefer water pH levels from 7 and 8. Ensure the healthy growth of your Nerite snails by preventing nitrate and ammonia to accumulate in the water.

    Key Takeaway

    This article rounded up the benefits of Nerite snails for aquariums. These peaceful creatures are easy to care for and feed well. They also survive well on their own without endangering aquatic plants. Both beginner and intermediate aquascapists can benefit from Nerite snails, especially if they want to maintain the cleanliness of their tanks.

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