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    What Are The Best Emersed Aquatic Plants In The Philippines

    What are the best emersed aquatic plants in the Philippines?

    1. Rotala Colorata
    2. Ludwigia Repens
    3. Hygrophila Corymbosa Compact
    4. Alternanthera sessilis
    5. Ammannia Pedicellata

    Aquatic plants are found along shorelines and areas that have fluctuating water levels. Depending on the environment, they can survive underwater or on dry land. If you are pursuing aquascape in the Philippines, you might have noticed that there are two kinds of aquatic plants: submerged and emersed. Emersed plants can be grown above the waterline. They grow faster, can instantly make tanks more attractive, and are easier to propagate. If you’re interested in improving your aquarium, here are some of the best emersed aquatic plants in the Philippines. Continue reading to learn more.

    Rotala Colorata

    Rotala Colorata

    The Rotala Colorata is native to Asia. Coming from the Rotala Genus, it is easy to care for and can be planted emersed. When submerged, it will display a bright green color. But when emersed, the Rotala Colorata will bring out a vivid reddish hue.

    This emersed aquatic plant will tolerate a variety of water conditions. Its leaves are narrow and have a medium growth rate of up to 12 inches. Furthermore, it does not require CO2 and thrives in water pH levels 4 to 8.

    Due to its stem structure and medium growth rate, it can reach up to 12 inches. If you want to propagate the Rotala Colorata, cut its side shoots.

    To ensure it produces a more intense red color, the lighting levels can be kept at medium to high. Such striking coloration is the reason why it is used as a focal point in tanks.

    Ludwigia Repens

    Ludwigia Repens

    The Ludwigia Repens is species of flowering plant in the family, Onagraceae. Also known as the Creeping Primrose-willow, it traces its origins in Southern America and Mexico with a cosmopolitan distribution. It has become naturalized in many areas and grows abundantly in shallow waters, ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes.

    This plant has a moderate care hardiness. Just like the Rotala Colorata, it grows emersed and has unique colorations. With colors ranging from deep green to vivid red, the Ludwigia Repens is a staple among aquascaping who seek to make their tanks aesthetically pleasing.

    It is sturdy and has creeping perennial stems that can grow up to 20 inches under certain water conditions. The leaves are oppositely arranged on red roots, the top of the leaves are adorned in an olive green color, while the undersides are reddish.

    While it does not require CO2, it will thrive better under medium lighting and water pH levels 6 to 7. Having a fast growth rate, regular pruning will keep it looking stunning. To add to that, the Ludwigia Repens can be easily propagated by cutting the top shoots.

    Hygrophila Corymbosa Compact

    Hygrophila Corymbosa Compact

    Also known as the Dwarf Nomaphila Siamensis, this aquatic plant is one of the best choices for beginners in aquascaping. Coming from Southeast Asia, the Hygrophila Corymbosa Compact is robust and widely popular due to its easy care level. It can thrive in a wide array of aquariums given it has medium to high lighting.

    Like other stem plants, this can grow emersed. If you’re wondering why it is “compact”, you will notice that its dark green leaves are set close to the stalk and its internodes are short, almost bushy. It forms numerous side shoots that enhance its overall appearance.

    Although it has a fast growth rate, it can only reach 6 to 12 inches. It does not require CO2 and can grow well in water pH levels 6 to 7.5. Like most stem plants, propagation can be done simply by cutting along the stem and replanting.

    Alternanthera Sessilis

    Alternanthera Sessilis

    If you pay particular attention to the aesthetic appeal in your tank, the Alternanthera Sessilis may the perfect emersed aquatic plant for you. It goes by several names including mukunuwenna, sessile joyweed, and dwarf copperleaf.

    What sets this plant apart from others, however, is that it has stunning white flowering stems. Surprisingly, it can be edible with people using it as a vegetable or medicine. Needless to say, placing it in your tank can be an instant eye-catching element.

    It has a medium level of hardiness and thrives under medium to high lighting and water pH levels 5 to 7 with CO2. It can be propagated through cuttings as well.

    Ammannia Pedicellata

    Ammannia Pedicellata

    The Ammannia Pedicellata, or Golden for short, is a standout emersed aquatic plant with a bright yellow-green to golden foliage contrasted with dark red stems. Its former types were known as Nesaea Pedicellata and are native to East Africa in swamps and ponds.

    The Ammannia Pedicellata grows fast and can reach up to 6 to 12 inches long. Its narrow leaves are arranged in whorls with upright stems. This plant thrives bests with medium to high lighting, CO2 injection, and a water pH of 5 to 7.

    For all its beauty, it is difficult to take care of. Its shoots are best planted with some space from other plants to get enough light. Too much shadow may cause its leaves to shed and darken. Similar to other stem plants, the Ammannia Pedicellata can be easily propagated through cuttings of shoot tips and sides.

    Key Takeaway

    Here are some of the best emersed aquatic plants in the Philippines. With a distinct characteristic of growing above the waterline, these are worth adding to your tank.

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