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    What are the Benefits of Live Aquarium Plants in the Philippines?

    What are the benefits of having live plants in your aquarium?

    1. Recreate fishes’ natural ecosystem
    2. Make fishes more comfortable
    3. Additional food source for fishes
    4. Natural way to minimize algae
    5. Improve an aquarium’s aesthetic appeal

    If you are a beginner to aquascaping, you may not know a lot about what to put into an aquarium. There are so many things to take note of. This includes not just putting filters, fertilizers, plants, soil, and rocks into your fishes’ home, but also the effort in care and maintenance. Some people may skip all these altogether and think that they just need to feed the fishes every day and they’re done! But did you know the benefits of live aquarium plants? In the Philippines, Aquascape PH can provide you with all kinds of aquatic plants. If you’re interested in improving your aquarium, we listed down below the reasons why you should consider buying live plants for your fishes. Read on!

    Recreate Fishes’ Natural Ecosystem

    Recreate Fishes' Natural Ecosystem

    Artificial plants may look good and take less effort to take care of, but these do not offer additional benefits to fishes. Live plants, on the other hand, can recreate the natural surroundings that fishes live in.

    Just like humans, fishes also require oxygen to live. This essential nutrient can also be supplied by live plants, in addition to using a bubbler for your aquarium.

    Live plants also serve as chemical filters in aquariums. In return for supplying fishes with oxygen, they take the carbon dioxide and ammonia that fishes produce. This relationship between the two continues in a cycle and improves the overall quality of the water.

    Make Fishes More Comfortable

    In fishes’ natural habitat, there is an array of flora that serves as their hiding place against bigger water creatures. It is their instinct to protect themselves. These plants become a camouflage where they can also lay their eggs.

    That’s why when you put live plants as part of your aquascape, fishes become more comfortable because they are not exposed in the open. Open spaces with no plants make fishes scared while having plants to hide in makes them more confident to swim in the open.

    Additional Food Source For Fishes

    Additional Food Sources for Fish

    Fishes can be categorized into three: carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. While a good caretaker will not forget to feed their fishes, live plants can become an additional food source for hungry fishes. Several species of plants can look good and grow fast enough to continue providing food.

    One popular choice is duckweed which floats on water. The only disadvantage with this plant is its ability to spread very quickly, which requires an aquarium owner to maintain it regularly.

    Natural Way To Minimize Algae

    One common mistake people make is labeling algae as plants. This is because algae are similar to plants in the way they use carbon dioxide and sunlight as nourishment. They also undergo the process of photosynthesis and produce oxygen for the fishes. That’s why in an aquarium without plants they will propagate very quickly.

    While having some algae is not bad, some owners may prefer to reduce them to improve the appearance of the fish tank. Putting live plants in your aquarium will make the algae compete for resources and reduce their overall growth.

    Improve An Aquarium’s Aesthetic Appeal

    Improve an Aquarium's Aesthetic Appeal

    With all the benefits that a live plant can offer to fishes and its environment, people who don’t know much about fishes can also use live plants to decorate their tanks.

    There are many species of plants that vary in color, shape, and size. In combination with different rocks and ornaments, they can make your aquarium look more lively and mimic the look of a fish’s natural habitat.

    Key Takeaway

    If you just started taking care of fishes in your home then you have to know about how the ecosystem in a tank works. Just like other animals, fishes also require oxygen. Live plants can provide oxygen in exchange for carbon dioxide and other waste produced by fishes. They can also imitate the natural habitat of fishes by providing hiding spots, protecting them against predators, and allowing fish to lay eggs.

    Live plants can also become an additional food source and reduce algae in a fish tank. These benefits are combined into the aesthetic appeal that plants can offer. Having various colors and shapes will make your aquarium more lively

    By now you probably have enough knowledge about the benefits of live aquarium plants. In the Philippines, Aquascape Philippines can help you find your aquarium needs and deliver it to your home. To view our products, click here. If you have any questions and inquiries do not hesitate to contact us.