7 Benefits Of Using Seiryu Stones in Your Aquarium

    What are the benefits of using seiryu stones in your aquarium?

    1. Adds aesthetic appeal to aquariums
    2. Boosts algae growth
    3. Offers additional food sources for livestock
    4. Decreases ammonia and nitrate levels
    5. Mimics the natural habitat of fishes
    6. Provides hiding places for fishes
    7. It is more durable than other hardscaping materials

    If you are pursuing an aquascape hobby, you would understand that there are plenty of factors to consider when improving your aquarium. One way of achieving this is through hardscaping, which involves the use of rocks as a decorative element in the aquarium. In this guide, Aquascape Philippines listed down the benefits of using seiryu stones in aquariums. Continue reading on to learn more about this.

    What Is A Seiryu Stone?

    What Is A Seiryu Stone?

    A seiryu stone is a type of sedimentary rock that originates from Japan. It is mainly composed of carbonated limestone and has layers of calcite veins. Seiru stones are popularly known to be used in the rock hardscape layouts also known as the Iwagumi aquascape concept.

    Adds Aesthetic Appeal To Aquariums

    Among all the benefits of seiryu stones offer, the most evident one is their ability to add aesthetic appeal to aquariums.

    Seiryu stones sport a stunning greyish blue color with white calcite veins. Although, they come in darker varieties as well such as the black seiryu stone. The presence of the veins within the layers perfectly contract the sharp texture. It is a stand-out rock and using it for your tank’s hardscape can be truly captivating to look at.

    The term Iwagumi is common in the aquascaping world. It is pioneered by award-winning aquascaper Takashi Amano and is used to refer to a hardscape layout that uses natural rock formations such as seiryu stones. Seiryu stones are ideal for mimicking the appearance of a large mountain inside the aquarium.

    If you need a hardscaping tip, ensure you place the stones slightly offset from the center to accentuate their complexity and complement the tank. Mount it firmly to avoid collapsing.

    Boosts Algae Growth

    Boosts Algae Growth

    It might seem odd for algae growth to be identified as a benefit that comes with using seiryu stones in aquariums. Algae can be an especially invasive aquatic plant and hamper the growth of other plants by robbing light sources and nutrients. It is worth noting, however, that algae can be beneficial to aquariums as well.

    Algae growth influences carbon and nutrient cycling. Similar to other aquascape plants, they use light sources to thrive and allow them to convert the gas carbon dioxide into oxygen.

    Offers Additional Food Source For Livestock

    Aquarium livestock such as fishes and snails can have a carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous diet. While a good aquascaper will not forget to feed the livestock, the algae from seiryu stones can become an additional food source. A great example of livestock that consumes algae includes Amano shrimps and Nerite snails.

    Decreases Ammonia and Nitrite Levels

    After a spike in ammonia levels, nitrite content in the aquarium water will also increase. Both of these are toxic compounds that cannot be tolerated in aquariums. Once present, these inhibit oxygen exchange in fishes’ bloodstream, causing them to suffocate.

    Limestone rocks like seiryu stones can naturally raise the pH levels of tank water without having to use any chemicals. Such aquariums have fewer ammonia or nitrate levels, making them beneficial to livestock owners.

    Mimics The Natural Habitat Of Fishes

    Mimics The Natural Habitat Of Fishes

    Similar to other hardscaping materials, seiryu stones can mimic the natural habitat that fishes live in. Along with a few aquascape plants, adding seiryu stones to an aquarium can go along way in reducing stress in fishes. This is usually one of the causes of fish death in tanks.

    Provides Hiding Places For Fishes

    In a fishes’ natural habitat, there is a wide array of hiding places that protect them from predators. It has always been their instinct to protect themselves and cause them to hide in rocks and coral.

    That is why when you add seiryu stones as part of your aquascape, fishes become more comfortable. They are not exposed out in the open. Open spaces with no decoration or other aquascape elements tend to leave fishes scared to swim in the open. Given the structure of seiryu stones, fishes will feel safe and can even use the rocks as camouflage to lay their eggs.

    It Is More Durable Than Other Hardscaping Materials

    It Is More Durable Than Other Hardscaping Materials

    Among all the benefits that a seiryu stone can offer to an aquarium, its durability is one worth noting. Given that it is a sedimentary rock, it does not break as easily as other stones. This can prove to be advantageous for those who seek to make an aquarium look appealing and avoid investing in easy-to-damage hardscape materials, which can be costly.

    Key Takeaway

    This guide rounded up the benefits of using seiryu stones in aquariums and how you can use them effectively. Stones are often used in aquascaping for decoration. However, not all stones are created equally. The seiryu stone is a staple among aquascapists because it boasts numerous advantages such as adding aesthetic appeal to the tank, providing food and shelter for livestock, and many more.

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