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    What Are The Different Types Of Aquarium Rocks In The Phillippines?

    What are the different types of aquarium rocks in the Philippines?

    1. Igneous Rocks
    2. Sedimentary Rocks
    3. Metamorphic Rocks
    4. Man-Made Rocks

    There are many essential things required in aquarium care. You have to choose the type of plants that will compliment your fishes, study about fertilizing methods, choose the right substrate, and even do regular cleaning and maintenance. But decorating an aquarium shouldn’t be a tiring process. It should be fun and enjoyable! To help lessen your worries, you’ll learn more about the different types of aquarium rocks in the Philippines. Continue reading!

    Igneous Rocks

    Igneous Rocks

    These rocks were formed because of the hardening of magma or lava. Intrusive igneous rocks originate from magma or the hot fluid that can be found under the earth’s surface. It slowly hardens for millions of years underneath and forms into a rock. Because of this slow process of cooling, the rocks grow in size and result in a coarse texture.

    The other type is extrusive igneous rocks which form when the magma trapped beneath the earth exits through a volcano which then is now called lava. Compared to the first type, cooling and hardening happen faster. This results in finer texture.

    Granite, an igneous rock, can make your aquarium more acidic. If you’re looking for basic or alkaline rocks, your best bet is gabbro, dolerite, and basalt. If you’re shopping for this type of rock, take care not to choose porous rocks that can absorb and leak unwanted particles. Avoid rocks that do not come from a specialized aquascaping shop.

    Lava rocks that are made for aquarium use are generally safe and are also a popular choice for enthusiasts. It also comes in many colors.

    Sedimentary Rocks

    Sedimentary Rocks

    Common sedimentary rocks are formed when sediments that are found in the environment, especially wet areas, become buried and dry over time and get cemented.

    One type of rock is clastic sedimentary rocks that are formed when pieces of rocks get trapped in sediments and harden. The last type, the biologic sedimentary rocks, form when the bodies of living things harden.

    Sandstones are a suitable type of sedimentary rock that can be used in an aquarium, especially if the water is slightly acidic. If you want a neutral rock that won’t affect the quality of water, shale is a good alternative. It is commonly found in aquascaping shops and is made from clay and quartz and is colored black or gray. For alkaline waters, limestone is recommended. The colors depend on the minerals it contains, which may be shells or corals.

    Because sedimentary rocks are not as hard as igneous rocks, take care to use only solidly formed ones and avoid crumbly and fragile rocks.

    Metamorphic Rocks

    Metamorphic Rocks

    From the word ‘metamorphosis’, this type of rock transforms into a new rock. This happens through extremely hot conditions and high pressures from the environment.

    Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that was once previously a quartz sandstone. Depending on its color, it would have a different name in stores. It is used in soft water environments and doesn’t change the pH of the water.

    Another example is dolomite, which is appropriate for hard and alkaline waters. It comes in neutral colors such as white, gray, and black.

    Man-made Rocks

    Man-Made Rocks

    Aside from natural rocks, aquascape enthusiasts also use artificial rocks. The advantage of these is their ability to remain neutral in pH. One type is glass rocks, which are available in different colors and look like shiny gems. Another is plastic rocks which are also cheap and can serve as decor.

    Key Takeaway

    If you’re a newbie in decorating an aquascape, these different types of aquarium rocks in the Philippines can make your aquarium look more lively and well-decorated. The 4 main types you can choose from are igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, and man-made rocks.

    Examples of igneous rocks are granite, gabbro, dolerite, basalt, and lava rock. For sedimentary rocks, there are sandstone, shale, and limestone. If you want metamorphic rocks, some recommended ones are quartzite and dolomite. These are all naturally-occurring rocks, they can make your aquarium look more like a part of nature.

    Man-made rocks vary, and some examples are glass and plastic rocks. These are easy to clean and also don’t alter the pH of the water. Only get these from aquascape stores to make sure that it is safe to use.

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