Albino Koi Guppy (Pure White)


Sold per Trio

Scientific Name Poecilia Reticullata
Caring Moderate
Nature Peaceful
Color Reddish Orange and Clear Albino Color
Lifespan Up to 2 years
Size 0.6 – 1.4 inches (Male)

1.2 – 2.4 inches (Female)

Diet Type Omnivores
Tank Size For 3 Fish At least 5 gallons
Tank Set-Up Freshwater, plants and substrate
Compatibility Other peaceful community fish

Albino Koi Guppy (Pure White)

I personally take care of these selected Albino Koi Guppies. I have a lot of pure white breed which have no red ‘lipstick’ on their faces and I’m letting them go for a very low price.

These pure white can still breed newborns with the red ‘lipstick’ on their faces – so you will get a mixed bunch depending on your preference when you are able to breed them.

The females I have in stock are breeder-size and some of them are already pregnant when I ship them to you.

I love them and they are in my main tank in the dining room. I actually did not plan of selling them since I really had a difficult time taking care of them and making them breed when I first tried. But now that I got the hang of it, they have multiplied quickly in my tank.

They are very beautiful and are really the soul of my 280L tank at the center of our home. They are a dream to look at and my family loves to stare at them even when we are done eating in the dining table!

Breeding them is not hard but they will surely eat their newborn babies because the newborns are very easy for them to spot – because, guess what – they are albino and easier for the mom and dad Albino Koi Guppies to see and eat.

The price of these Albino Koi Guppies are on the higher-end because they are not for everyone and for every scape design. Also, these are my personal stock and are well-bred and taken care of. I’m simply letting go of my overstock, not commercializing them altogether. 🙂

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