Apple Snails


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Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: peaceful and tranquil
Color Form: golden-brown with black striped shell
Lifespan: 1-2 years
Size: 1/2 to 1 inch
Diet: detritivores and herbivores
Family: Neritidae

Apple Snails

The apple snail family or Ampullariidae are common freshwater snails in many tropical area’s around the world and several species have made their way to the aquarium trade to become a popular pet snail.
Their attractive appearance and relatively big size (5 to 15 cm / 2 to 6 inch, depending of the species) greatly contribute to their success. However, despite it’s popularity, many misconceptions still surround these also called mystery snails. For instance, most popular aquarium books refer to these snails with Ampullaria gigas and Ampullaria cuprina, while these names are both erroneous and obsolete in the scientific literature for years. Historically seen, these name problems are well understandable as many of works from the authors who described these snails back in 18th and 19th century are unknown in the hobbyist literature.

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4.82 out of 5
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  1. 551

    1 snail is dead 🙁 pero binigyan naman ako ni Aquascape PH ng coupon code for my next order. hehehe. thank you!

    Elmo Banayag

  2. 552

    The snails comes with a free plants. It was also well packaged. All snails are alive

    Rayver Tabuyo

  3. 553

    Excellent quality <3


  4. 1032

    Graham Morris (verified owner)

  5. 1198

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. 1252

    Mark alvin Mazo (verified owner)

  7. 1312

    SO MANY FREEBIES!! 🤩 all of the snails are alive and well ehehehhe thank you so much!!

    camillepujalte (verified owner)

  8. 1333

    I only ordered 2 but they gave me 8! I freaked out a bit when I got the order, lol, but the apple snails are now the cutest part of my aquarium. 💖

    Josef (verified owner)

  9. 1404

    They’re all alive and healthy when delivered

    Sonny Chua (verified owner)

  10. 1448

    I ordered around 3 am, then pagising ko the driver is in our area na. Ang bilis! Also they gave me more than of the snails I ordered. I think assurance just in case some may die in travel. Ang happy ko. They also gave free plants. Thank you so much! 😀

    tjsan16 (verified owner)

  11. 1497

    Michael Paul Macalino (verified owner)

  12. 1849

    Really love them! They’re so big and healthy. Thanks and I appreciate the freebies!!

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. 1918

    One chronic condition in the Aquascaping hobby is MTS or Multi-Tank Syndrome. Once you start with one tank, you get addicted and have more tanks. Fortunate for me that I was able to resist it. However, I did make several containers (large glass jar, cut-out bottom 5 Liter plastic bottle, transparent square Ice Cream container, typical globular glass bowl) & put them in our Balcony as my “make-shift” Aquatic Farm. One is to propagate Duckweed that I feed my forever munching Gold Fishes. Another one is for dipping Dragon Stones & Clay Pots where I attached Christmas/Java Moss & waiting for them to latch on without the biting damage of my red tail & rainbow sharks. Another for propagating cuttings from trimmings of plants. And the last one for creation of Marimo Moss balls. Since they don’t have aeration & water movement but with lots of sunlight, different types of algae develop. I only ordered a couple of Apple Snails for my 20 gallon tank but the extra free snails were a welcome development since now, I can place them in the Balcony containers with stagnant water. And since they multiply fast, ALGAE PROBLEMS SOLVED for all the other containers!!!

    yeltres (verified owner)

  14. 2044

    I ordered 2 they gave me 6

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. 2074

    FERDINAND (verified owner)

  16. 2499

    I was expecting smaller ones so I can watch them grow as they live in their new tank.

    JOHANNSEN YAP (verified owner)

  17. 2522

    The snails are bigger than 1 inch
    Update the size information, it can be misleading especially for new hobbyists.

    Jheremie (verified owner)

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