Ludwigia White


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7 stems per bundle – Emersed

Genus: Ludwigia
Family Name: Onagraceae
Origin: US
Maximum Size: 8-15″
pH: 4.5 – 7.0
Hardiness: Difficult
Light: High – Very High
Propagation: Trim and plant stems
Growth Rate: Slow – Medium
CO2: Required

Ludwigia White

Due to the extensive care required, the Ludwigia White is not typically ideal for acquascape beginners. Instead it caters to those who are well-experienced in cultivating aquatic plants – and it’s no mistaking why. This rare plant is unique in its appearance, as it sports a beautiful combination of white and pink leaves that blend perfectly well, once bunched together. Care for this plant is difficult – it requires exceptional lighting, balanced fertilizer and CO2 levels, and a healthy substrate for propagation.

Looking to add a significant color contrast to your freshwater aquarium? With high lighting and proper CO2 supplementation, the Ludwigia sp. “White” can provide a vibrant red tone to your space. However, take note that this rare aquatic plant would better thrive in the hands of experienced hobbyists due to to its strict maintenance and upkeep.To help it thrive whether it is submersed or emersed, ensure that it has access to quality nutrient-rich substrate.


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