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Singaporean Rotala Pink

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6 stems per bundle

Genus: Rotala
Family Name: Lythraceae
Origin: South-Eastern Asia
Maximum Size: 40-45 cm
pH: 5 – 7
Hardiness: Rotala
Light: Low to Medium
Propagation: Cuttings
Growth Rate: Rotala
CO2: Required

The Singaporean Rotala Pink is a creeping aquatic perennial with striking red shoot tips. As a rapidly growing stem plant, it requires frequent and heavy pruning. To achieve the most decorative effect, plant a large number of stems in a group. To boost its growth, plant it in soft, slightly acidic water with added CO2.


Why Choose to Buy your Aqua Plants from us?

All our plants are submerged so you will not have to go through the melting process when you put them in your watered-up aquarium. We also ensure to treat them so that there are no pests or hitchhikers that will enter your tank and harm your livestock or infest your other aquatic plants. We ensure the best possible service for your purchase!

39 in stock

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