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Water Lettuce Rossete


Genus: Pistia
Family Name: Pistia stratiotes
Origin: North America
Maximum Size: 10 inches
pH: 6.5-7.2
Hardiness: Moderate
Light: Medium
Propagation: stolons and may be propagated through division of these or via seeds
Growth: Fast
CO2: Not Required

Velvety, intricately patterned, with ribbed leaves — the water lettuce rosette is must-have to your collection. It holds a smaller and more compact variety with a rosette shape — perfect for water gardens with shade. Much like water hyacinths, Rosette Water Lettuce provides shade and helps control algae by absorbing nutrients. Its water temperature must be at 65 degrees when planted. When exposed to cold and freezing temperatures, its leaves will turn white and rot.

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