Hygrophila Corymbosa Compact


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Genus: Hygrophila
Family Name: Acanthaceae
Origin: Southeast Asia
Maximum Size: 6-12″
pH: 6-7.5
Hardiness: Easy
Light: Medium to High
Propagation: Cuttings
Growth Rate: Fast
CO2: Not required

Hygrophila Corymbosa Compact

A robust aquatic plant that is perfect for beginners trying to grow stem plants for the first time. It is popular and widely available due to its beauty and easy care. This plant can thrive in a wide variety of freshwater aquariums as long as its given some lighting.

A very compact variety of Hygrophila corymbosa, with the leaves set close to the stalk.

Forms numerous side shoots, enhancing the compact appearance. The leaves are a dark brownish-green, when the plant leaves the nursery, but after a transitional period in the aquarium they turn pale green and silver-white on the underside.

In strong light, the newest leaves may become reddish brown and in dimmer light, the oldest ones die away after a while. New side shoots often forms to replace the old ones.

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5.00 out of 5
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  1. 75

    Always satisfied. Have made several purchases and have been completely satisfied with speed of delivery and the great condition of the plants.

    Rahnee Mole

  2. 76

    I got a healthy bunch of plants. Plants look great in my tank.

    Rica Panganiban

  3. 77

    These plant is perfect to contrast plant with small or red leaves such as Rotalas.

    Ruby Olvero

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