Ludwigia Repens


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Genus: Ludwigia
Family Name: Onagraceae
Origin: Cosmopolitan
Maximum Size: 12–20 inches
pH: 6.0-7.0
Hardiness: Moderate
Light: Medium
Propagation: Cuttings
Growth Rate: fast
CO2: Not Required

Ludwigia Repens

Ludwigia Repens is an easy plant to keep, making it a great option for tank geeks who want to add color to their aquascape without the hassle associated with the colorful plants. These plants are ideal for the front zones of the tank. Plant in large groups to enhance the decorative effect, and prune regularly to encourage bushy growth.


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4.73 out of 5
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  1. 104

    Better then I expected!!!My plants arrived quickly and when I opened the box I was amazed how great everything looked. You guys are incredible!!!

    Cedric Marquez

  2. 105

    I bought this a couple months ago it came in really healthy and has grown an insane amount since. I keep it with almost no fertilizer and no CO2, it’s become a floating plant because for whatever reason I have a hard time keeping it in the substrate and I have to trim it and move it otherwise it takes up almost all the surface and light in the tank.
    It has been perfect for my guppy fry to hide in, and it has developed a beautiful red color

    Tristan Andes

  3. 106

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! So full of life, packaged amazing. This plant never took a hit. From the moment it arrived it was just perfect, planted it a week later and it never weakened or faltered. The color in leaves is lovely to see. Just thriving, perfect bunch size.

    Roxanne Mendez

  4. 235

    Fast delivery and the plants were harvested fresh. Packaging is awesome. Thanks for tons of freebies!


    • 314

      Thanks so much for choosing us for your Ludwigia Repens!

      sean (store manager)

  5. 238

    Fast delivery and the plants were freshly packaged. This plant thrives easily. Thanks for the tons of freebies!


  6. 1314

    This is my favorite one so far!!! The leaves are so vibrant. Thank you for all the freebies 🥰

    camillepujalte (verified owner)

  7. 1458

    Dennis (verified owner)

  8. 1471

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. 2280

    Plants are healthy! Very satisfied with my purchase will buy again.

    Albert Lagumbayan (verified owner)

  10. 2498

    JOHANNSEN YAP (verified owner)

  11. 3428

    Plant looks good but not as red as shown in the picture. only the bottom part of the leaves have shades or red.

    Jasper E. (verified owner)

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