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Anubias nana


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Genus: Anubias
Family Name: Araceae
Origin: Africa
Maximum Size: 7.5 Inches
pH: 6-7.5
Hardiness: Easy
Light: Low-Medium
Propagation: Rhizome Division
Growth Rate: Slow
CO2: Not Required

Anubias Barteri var. Nana, originating from Cameroon, is a charismatic plant that blooms in any weather. It reaches 5-10 cm in height and its rhizomes stretches to 10-15 cm or more. It grows gracefully, and its leaves survive for several years, giving the slow-growing algae a chance to establish. To achieve the utmost results, plant on a piece of stone or wood. A fishing line can also be used to bind the plant until it gains a hold. Do not cover the rhizome as it will lead to rotting. This can also be planted underwater — it is not eaten by herbiverous fish.

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