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Blyxa Aubertii

(3 customer reviews)


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Genus: Blyxa
Family Name: Hydrocharitaceae
Origin: Asia
Maximum Size: 5-15”
pH: 6.5-7.5
Hardiness: Easy
Light: Medium to High
Propagation: Cut stem and replant
Growth Rate: Moderate to Fast
CO2: Required

Blyxa Aubertii or also known as “Blyxa Roundfruit” is an aquarium plant that features a grass-like appearance. It has varying coloration depending on the environment it is kept in. It can range from a green hue to deeper red tones when provided with optimal conditions. Blyxa Aubertii can be propagated by cutting the runners or small plantlets that develop from the mother plant. New shoots will grow horizontally from the base of a more established plant, similar to Amazon Swords and Jungle Vals.


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All our plants are submerged so you will not have to go through the melting process when you put them in your watered-up aquarium. We also ensure to treat them so that there are no pests or hitchhikers that will enter your tank and harm your livestock or infest your other aquatic plants. We ensure the best possible service for your purchase!

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3 reviews for Blyxa Aubertii

  1. Jon Mendoza

    All the plants arrived in excellent packaging and very generous size portions of healthy plants. I have had them a week and the Blyxa Aubertii is already sending out a couple new shoots. I will not hesitate to order plants from here again.

  2. Chantal Mendez

    Pretty plant. The leaves are very delicate (think tissue paper), and I’m not sure anyone could ship this plant without breaking some of the leaves. Luckily it’s bouncing back quickly in my tank, with lots of new growth from the center of the plant

  3. Lester Manalili

    This was my first order. I had many thing in my order that are all doing very well, but the Blyxa Aubertii is not doing all that great. I’m running a low tech setup, so it’s likely just the lack of additional CO2. There were only two stems in the bundle, so not a lot of leeway on plants not making it. By comparison, the Vals I ordered had four stems included in the bunch and all of them took off like gangbusters after the initial transition melt. Since this is a review for the Blyxa, I have to give it 4 stars, but overall extremely happy 5 star order and company. Will definitely be ordering again soon.

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