Cabomba Green


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5 stems per bundle 6-8 inch

Genus: Cabomba furcata
Family Name: Cabombaceae
Origin: Central and South America
Maximum Size: 36″
pH: 6.8 – 7.5.
Hardiness: Difficult
Light: Medium to High
Propagation: Cutting, Splitting, Cutting off daughter plants
Growth Rate: Fast
CO2: Required

Cabomba Green

The Cabomba plant has beautiful finely dissected foliages with olive green hues. As a popular aquarium plant, it grows fast and can reach up to 80 cm high. It can be weighed down or left floating around the aquarium. For optimal growth, place it under water with high amounts of lighting.

Additional Care Tips: Remove its anchor and split it into separate plants. As for its stem plants, remove the leaves from the lowest 5 cm. Don’t forget to plant in with some distance from other aquarium plants and remove any of its damaged leaves as well.


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5.00 out of 5
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    Maganda naman mahaba yung stem. Overall satisfied naman ako sana ma propagate ko sila ng maganda 🙂

    Andrea Aragon

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    Ricky Sonza

  3. 3973

    Melani Manio (verified owner)

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