Dwarf saggitaria


1 root per bundle

Genus: Sagittaria subulata
Family Name: Alismataceae
Origin: Colombia
Maximum Size: 12 Inches (30.5 cm)
pH: 6.5-7.5
Hardiness: Easy
Light: Medium
Propagation: producing runners
Growth Rate: easy
CO2: Required

Dwarf saggitaria

Native to South America, the Dwarf Saggitaria is an ideal aquatic plant for beginners. The Dwarf Saggitaria sometimes grows a long flower stem and small white flowers. It is relatively easy to grow as it can tolerate high PH and hard water conditions. Place it in the aquarium with a 2 to 4 cm distance apart from other plants. Take caution as when it grows older, it can reach up to 50 cm. If you slow its growth, place it under low lighting conditions.


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