Heteranthera Zosterifolia "Star Grass"


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Genus: Heteranthera
Family Name: Pontederiaceae
Origin: South America
Maximum Size: 20 – 30+
pH: 5 – 8
Hardiness: easy
Light: Low
Propagation: Cuttings
Growth Rate: fast
CO2: Required

Heteranthera Zosterifolia “Star Grass”

Heteranthera Zosterifolia also known as “Star Grass” is a beautiful aquarium plant. It ramifies well, which results in dense bushy plant groups after only a short time. Stems can become 30-50 cm tall and 6-12 cm wide. In strong light growth is intensive, and the plant must be pruned before it becomes so compact that no light reaches the lower leaves. The top of the plant look likes a star that can get small blue flowers if given enough light.


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4.60 out of 5
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  1. 701

    Thank you po, Aquascape PH! Our cavies love it 🥰 Maganda ung quality niya, hindi sya tulad ng iba na durog at parang pinagpilian. Arrived a bit earlier rin as expected. Accommodating rin sila.

    Cathrina Rodulfo

  2. 702

    The reason for this 4 star is : I cancelled this order yet the seller still shipped the items, they said it was already in transit but I cancelled it even before they shipped it. The hay is like a first cut, matigas-tigas pa siya. It is in standard packaging, fast delivery though.


  3. 703

    sana matuwa ang partner ko dito hehe thanks po. God bless


  4. 704

    ✓ excellent quality (complete & correct item 💓)
    ✓ accommodating seller
    ✓ well-packaged
    ✓ item shipped immediately


  5. 2225

    Noel A. (verified owner)

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