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Rotala Indica ‘Bonsai’ “Ammania Bonsai”

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5 Stems

Genus: Rotala
Family Name: Lythraceae
Origin: Cultivar
Maximum Size: 4-8”
pH: 6.5-7.5
Hardiness: Moderate to Difficult
Light: Medium to High
Propagation: Cut stem and replant
Growth Rate: Moderate to Fast
CO2: Required

Rotala Indica ‘Bonsai’ also known as “Ammania Bonsai” or “True Rotala Indica” is a rare and hard to find plant, not to be confused with the common Rotala Indica. Plant it in small groups and trim it often. Cuttings may be re-planted in the group to achieve a more dense group or carpet. Under high lighting, CO2 and the addition of fertilizers, the tips of the stems will develop a reddish orange hue.


Why Choose to Buy your Aqua Plants from us?

All our plants are submerged so you will not have to go through the melting process when you put them in your watered-up aquarium. We also ensure to treat them so that there are no pests or hitchhikers that will enter your tank and harm your livestock or infest your other aquatic plants. We ensure the best possible service for your purchase!

30 in stock

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4 reviews for Rotala Indica ‘Bonsai’ “Ammania Bonsai”

  1. jpdjramos

    Sakto number ng stems. 😄 Bait ni bossing binigyan nya ko ng hanap ko. Sa susunod ulit! Thank you!!

  2. yeoje04

    may freebies yung order ko . Maraming salamat po!

  3. avinpamplina06425

    Ok na ok. Buhay na buhay naman ang halaman

  4. ajojemd26437546

    Maayos abg packaging 😊 healthy ung plants with freebies 😊 sa susunod ulit 👍

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