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    What Are The Benefits Of Adding Livestock In Aquariums?

    What are the benefits of adding livestock in aquariums?

    1. Eats away algae
    2. Enhances an aquarium’s aesthetic appeal
    3. Most livestock are easy to care for
    4. Therapeutic benefits for people

    Whether you are an expert or just started pursuing aquascaping, you know that there are numerous things to keep in mind in order to maintain an aquarium. This can range anywhere from placing aquatic plants, choosing the right substrate, installing filters, hardscaping, adding nutrients, and many more. At some point, you might have come across the benefits of adding livestock in aquariums as well.

    In the Philippines, Aquascape PH can provide you with a wide array of aqua plants and livestock. We have rounded up the reasons why you should consider buying livestock for improving your aquarium. Read on!

    Eats Away Algae

    Eats Away Algae

    Algae is a type of non-flowering aquatic plant. Just like other plants, it thrives in environments rich in sunlight, nutrients, water, and carbon dioxide.

    Some aquascaping experts claim that growing algae can help minimize harmful nitrogen levels in tanks. However, their green mold-like appearance can be quite unsightly. To add to that, algae hampers the optimal growth of plants. High levels of lighting can cause rapid algae growth.

    There are a number of ways to stop algae growth like not overfeeding livestock, cleaning the filter, and lowering the lighting levels. You would be glad to know that the benefit of adding livestock is that some species eat away algae as well. One of the best examples would be Nerite snails.

    Nerite snails are a species of small freshwater snails that feed on algae non-stop off aquatic plants, glass, and even decorations. They consume different kinds of algae such as diatom and bryopsis. If you purchase Nerite snails, one critter per five to ten gallons would be enough to control unattractive algae growth.

    Enhances An Aquarium’s Aesthetic Appeal

    Enhances An Aquarium’s Aesthetic Appeal

    With all the benefits that adding livestock can offer to aquariums, the most common one is perhaps its added aesthetic appeal. There are so many species of livestock and each one varies in color, shape, size, and texture.

    For instance, Apple snails have a stunning bright orange shell that can complement different aquatic plants, rocks, and ornaments. Adding a few of these creatures will not only help eat away algae, but they can make your aquarium look vivid. On the other hand, Nerite snails have a distinct black and gold striping pattern. This might be the perfect livestock type if you want a touch of sleekness in your aquarium.

    Most Livestock Are Easy To Care For

    Most Livestock Are Easy To Care For

    Now that you know the benefits of adding livestock, you might be wondering about how to care for them. Fortunately, most species are easy to care for. This is very ideal for those who are beginners in aquascaping or alternatively, those who are experts and manage aquatic plants that are difficult to care for.

    For instance, the Amano shrimp does not have to feed constantly because it feeds on algae like hair algae, brush algae, and most types of string algae. Its diet can be supplemented with vegetables such as cucumber, squash, zucchini, and spinach. Amano shrimp thrive well in aquariums with 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit and a moderately hard water pH, and moderate lighting levels.

    Therapeutic Benefits For People

    Therapeutic Benefits For People

    Simply looking at an aquarium filled with livestock is soothing to the eyes. It offers a sense of nature and tranquility inside your home, which can significantly reduce stress levels. This will be especially helpful if the aquarium is placed in pressuring environments like office spaces.

    According to a study, looking at an empty aquarium reduced heart rate by 3% while a tank with livestock present resulted in a 7% reduction. If you have high blood pressure or other heart health issues, taking care of livestock in your home can be advantageous.

    The pain-relieving and anxiety-relieving effects of a livestock aquarium are also worth noting. The same study showed that patients experienced less pain during treatment. For many people who can’t sleep properly, gazing at a livestock aquarium may also help calm their minds.

    Another livestock known as the Otocinclus has eye-catching brown stripes down its body. It is a non-aggressive creature that feeds on algae and co-exists with other livestock peacefully. You can try placing it in your aquarium with Amano shrimps, Nerite snails, Cory catfish, Apple snails, or Pearl Gourami. Most people find it calming yet fun at the same time when the Otocinclus friskily feeds.

    Key Takeaway

    Here are some of the benefits of adding livestock in aquariums. Aside from aquatic plants, decoration, and nutrients, consider adding several critters because they offer to improve your tank. To add to that, they have benefits for your health and well-being.

    In need of livestock? Checkout Aquascape Philippines’ selection here. Make only the best choice for your tank today!